Survival in the depths of LAB03

“Under the pretext of protecting us, they locked us in golden cages and deprived us of our future , we treating children as weak and ignorant. The time has come to claim our independence …”
– Statement given to Michael Aaron Manhattan on the eve of the operation Prometheus –

The International Scientific Council always knew it would happen . The probabilities lie not.The people of the lower strata eventually revolt and machinery originally created to protect humanity have shed blood. Nothing will be like before …

Ignored by officers and suffocated by their orders , part of the population of LAB 03 decided to take his destiny. People took to the streets and protest murmurs quickly turned into a rumbling and vociferous crowd.

In response to these uprisings , the direction of LAB has taken strict measures and severe repression ensued because nothing , absolutely nothing, must oppose the Grand Renaissance Project Humanity.
But this show of force has only strengthened the determination and conviction of the insurgents, uniting in pain around a common goal : to be free at last !

Today, resistant are fighting without thank you in the shallows of LAB and the ruins of what was once their home.

For them, the time has come to throw off the yoke of the machine, because the technology should remain a tool in the service of humanity and not a weapon that is brandished against it.

Now it’s up to you to make a choice. Will you take the side of people who love freedom and ready to die for it ? Or do you join the forces charged with protecting humanity at any cost , even to herself? Whatever your decision, history is on and she just suck you in.

The game

In ESCAPE, one player assumes the role of N.O.A.H., a relentless and scheming artificial intelligence trying to keep the LAB under control by using the dreadful machines of the I.S.C. With only one goal: to complete the plans assigned to it when it was built.

The other(s) player(s) share the Resistance characters as they want. These are a group of humans who refuse the tyranny of the corrupted program controlling the LAB, and who try to free humanity from its yoke.

During the campaign, each player must fulfil the objectives of his or her faction before the opponent. The permanent control of the LAB will directly depend of the success or the failure of these missions.

Revolution and Rebellion

Escape Revolution & Rebellion are 2 standalone boxes with different map, scenarios and miniatures!

They also can complete each other to make a big L.A.B. and to add more pleasure by mixing profiles!