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  1. Bonjour,
    Est-ce que toutes les figurines issues du 1er kickstarter auront-elles un profil pour la v2 ?
    Merci beaucoup d’avance pour votre réponse!

    1. Bonjour,

      Oui au final toutes les figurines de la première version auront leur profil mis à jour. Nous les ajouterons au fur et à mesure de l’année.

  2. Good Morning,
    we played the 2nd games of Escape yesterday (thanks for that great game) and this time I wrote down all the questions we had, so here we go (in the order the arrived):

    1. What is a HS Airlock and can it be used by the newly build ISC characters to enter?

    2. What does a steam token look like?

    3. The reinforced walls do look different in the rule book, we guessed they are the ones with bolts in them. (So in mission “Force field” Duncan cannot get to the terminals through a wall, right?)

    4. Jimmy can give actions to Freedom. When? Only when Jimmy does something or also when it’s Freedom’s go? Since they are activated at the same time can they perform actions alternately?

    5. Can a random encounter bot from a crate reenter the game the round after it was taken out (as it is said to be a full character?)

    6. Can the Green Mamushi also walk through doors as it goes through walls and so ignores everything except crates and objectives?

    7. A fire grenade makes 9 fields of fire (not through walls, I guess, but what about open doors?). Can a character on any on the 9 fields try to doge? And, if the character has no movement left, it gets 2 damage, right?

    8. If the Green Mamushi refragmentates, can the resulting bot be activated again in the same round? What about movement left?

    Now things I saw on Kickstarter and/or YouTube:

    9. On Kickstarter it states that you can spend actions for extra movement. Was that removed from the rules?

    10. On YouTube I saw someone rolling dice at a crate to draw as many objects as cortexes were thrown and then pick one. I couldn’t find something like that in the rules.

    And last the most important question after playing the first and second scenario:

    11. How can the Resistance ever win? I never got half of the tiles covered before the 9 rounds were over. All the ISC player had to do, was stand in the way. If the ISC player has a character (he has 6 with bots and in our game 8 after I searched crates) in front and behind a door you need at least 3 rounds to get through if you are lucky with your dice. That’s one third of the game for one door out of four. There’s no way around an ISC character in a corridor and you can target it with only one Resistance character. If that happens twice in a games, it’s practically over because you will never reach the terminals in time. So, any ideas, any tips?

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